Paulina Brykalova and Daniel Brykalov – retired brother-sister Ice Dance Team, Novi USA

Dance Pairs Chicago 2018

Paulina Brykalova and Daniel Brykalov are a brother-sister ice dance team. They began their journey as ice dancers during the fall of 2013 at the St. Paul Figure Skating Club in Minnesota. In their first year, they became national competitors. In the spring of 2015, they moved to Novi, Michigan for advance training and continue Ice Dance journey. Every season , they qualified to compete at the Prudential US Figure Skating Championships, by earning the medals at the Sectional Championships. They also earned four of US Figure Skating’s Special Achievement Awards at that competition in each segment as follows:

  • The couple in each event that earns the most points for twizzles.
  • The couple in each event that earns the most points for lifts
  • The couple that earns at least one +2 from any judge
  • The couple that achieves a level 2 or higher on their step sequence

Please see Career Highlights  page for more details.

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  1. Hey I was at your Show in Breinerd you’re really good, keep up the great work

  2. Linzie LaBrasseur says:

    Great skate this sectionals, guys. Looking forward to seeing you skate at nationals! Way to represent the club! 😉

  3. Dmitry Lang says:

    Привет !!!

    Мы рады, что наши соотечественники, добиваются хороших результатов, за пределами нашей Родины !
    Будем болеть за вас !!! Надеемся в будущем, увидеть вас на международных соревнованиях. Будем болеть за вас. Удачи вам на этом не лёгком пути !!!

    S.Peterburg with you. From Russia with love.

    • Jenya says:

      Спасибо Дима за тёплые слова и пожелания!!! Для нас это очень важно.

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